In-House Staff Training Programs

The Corporation A is a global operator in the energy sector and has a strong commitment to staff development and training.  It employs consultants and external providers to develop and deliver their courses in addition to their own learning professionals. Corporation A manages the learning program through a learning centre which acts as the hub for knowledge exchange and skills formation. A core aim of the learning hub is to delivery world-class, competence programs to develop project professionals capable of delivering sustained, top quartile performance in the corporation’s capital investment program. Corporation A formed a partnership with four academic institutions, including QUT, to deliver the program across its international borders. A suite of blended learning courses were collaboratively designed, developed and delivered by partners for the corporation’s professional project workforce from project engineering management to other areas of the business such as project finance. Key to the design and development of the courses are the integration of leadership, teamwork and management skills which are generic capabilities integral to raising competence in a number of targeted project delivery areas. The learning outcomes for the programs are therefore directly aligned to the corporation’s performance objectives, providing the basis for After Action Reviews that are used to determine the effectiveness of learning [i] Partnership is driven by business needs. Shared objectives are agreed and set down in a partnership agreement. A formal evaluation procedure details how, when and by whom the evaluation is to be conducted [ii]  Meredith worked on designing and developing courses in project management courses for project engineering.  Meredith’s involvement in the projects extended beyond the project period as agreed between QUT and the Corporation after being contracted separately to continue working on the Corporation’s business finance courses, a testament to the quality and standard of work delivered.

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[ii] ACBEE (2005) “Second Annual Report, Annual Report”, Accelerating Change in Built Environment Education, (available online [accessed on 23/09/09]).


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