Academically Accredited Programs

Corporation B is an international engineering firm whose strategic aim is “...developing its people, and through them, maintain a strategic advantage by providing the best quality services to clients”. QUT was engaged in a partnership agreement to help develop their educational program where the engineers who go through the program complete a Masters in Project Management or a Graduate Diploma in Project Management. Courses are delivered in intensive mode, comprised of online face-to-face workshops.  The partnership is driven by operational requirements with explicit objectives set down in a formal agreement [i]. This agreement included a formal measure of quality and an explicit evaluation process. To this end, a formal agreement for the provision of the eight core courses was accompanied by a formal participant evaluation and an After Action Review process. Objectives and specific learning outcomes for the program were clearly defined and courses developed to ensure contextualisation and relevance to the business.  Meredith was and continues to be involved throughout the process from engaging with key stakeholders and subject matter experts in the design of the courses, to developing the course materials, resources and online learning environment.  Meredith supports the delivery and designs the evaluation and assessment tools for the courses to ensure that the objectives of the courses are met and academic standards are adhered to and maintained.

[i] ACBEE (2005) “Second Annual Report, Annual Report”, Accelerating Change in Built Environment Education, (available online [accessed on 23/09/09]).


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